Where are you located ?

Don’t get confused with the blog’s name !
I’m French but I’m based in Melbourne, Australia.

How do we get in contact with you ?

To simply say Bonjour or any photography inquiries, don’t hesitate
to send me an email at sabine.legs@gmail.com. You can also give me a call and make fun of
my French accent : +61 403 432 427

Are you doing Wedding destination ?

Absolutely ! Right after Photography, traveling is my favorite thing to do.
I’ve traveled the world to come and live in Australia after all !



What photography services are you offering ?

Hit the INFOS button above for details about my services.

What gear/camera are you using ?

I own a beautiful Canon 5D mark II and I only use prime lenses. In my opinion, they have
the most amazing picture quality and they help me achieve my own style of photography.

Do you have backup gear in case something happens ?

Yes of course. I always carry my 5D with me on the day which supports all my lenses.

How do we secure our photography session with you ?

Concerning Wedding, I am in a lucky position where my available dates get filled 1 year in advance,
so if you have your heart set on me covering your day, do get in touch as soon as you have a date.
Then, a 40% deposit is required to secure your big day.

For any other services such as Couple session and Kids, just get in touch and we will set a date !

Do you provide prints and Fine Art books ?

Yes. I have a print service and I’m in contact with amazing people who creates superb quality books.
Those extra services can be included in Wedding packages on demand. I also provide “à la carte” print services if needed.


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